Bio of Lloyd John McDonald

Bible Expositor and Sculptor

Lloyd McDonald, Bible Teacher and Sculptor

Born in East Nissouri Township, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada, Lloyd was the youngest child, with two older sisters. Until he was eight, Lloyd‘s family operated a dairy farm near Embro, and then moved into Woodstock, where his father worked as a carpenter and construction foreman.

Brought up to assume that he was a Christian, Lloyd was puzzled by the fact that he really hadn’t heard of any definite procedure or set of rules which would guarantee him a place in heaven. Having a Gideon New Testament and Psalms lying in his dresser drawer which he received in Grade Five, Lloyd began reading and searching. When he finished the book of Matthew, he was surprised to find that Mark seemed like a repeat, and so did Luke and John. At that time, he had no idea that each book had been written to reveal the Lord Jesus in a different way.

Strange as it might seem, he didn’t find the answer to his questions from his own reading.. However, while attending Youth for Christ meetings in London at the suggestion of his mother, the Gospel message that Jesus Christ had come to this earth for the specific purpose of redeeming mankind was made clear, and Lloyd accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Saviour.

While working at Canadian Westinghouse, London, he came into contact with several believers, and one of them, Ron Millson, spent his noonhours answering from the scriptures Lloyd’s many questions.

About the same time, Lloyd and Eleanor began helping with a Sunday School outreach in three separate rural areas around Woodstock, Ontario. This outreach was led by Douglas Hancock and his wife, Janet. From Mr. Hancock’s excellent Bible teaching from both the Old and New Testaments, Lloyd was grounded in the Word. It was also in these rural Sunday Schools that Lloyd was groomed to teach.

Shortly after, Lloyd and his family moved to London, Ontario, to be closer to his work,. While attending Byron Baptist Church, Lloyd became aware of the mission ofTrans World Radio. It was there that Lloyd felt the Lord's leading to use his electronic expertise to help in the propagation of God’s Word. He and his family served from 1973 to 1984 on the little Island of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles ( Caribbean), where the mission had three large radio transmitters and studio facilities.  

After returning to Canada, Lloyd had various opportunities to teach adult Bible classes, and was encouraged by his son, John (a webmaster) to share these Bible lessons on the Web. It is Lloyd’s earnest hope that not only will you profit from these lessons at home, but will download them to listen while you drive.  

A young man in Newfoundland is currently using Lloyd’s entire series on CD as the basis for devotions at his weekly prayer meeting. Perhaps this may be an option you would like to investigate.  

Also, if you teach a Sunday School class yourself, feel free to use any of the written notes for teaching material.  

Lloyd is indebted to several Bible commentators in his lesson preparations.  

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

Romans 10:17

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